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An Evolution In Camp Life

“Pinnacle Trails Resort, Near Edson Alberta, Is A Unique New Resort Concept With A Serene Village Atmosphere And A Ton Of Amenities Including Miles Of Quadding Trails And A Massive, Swimmable 5-Acre 'Oasis'. Offering Elevated Services Well Beyond Most Resort Parks and Campgrounds. Truly an evolution in camp life.”

Pinnacle Lifestyles, is the developer proudly promoting their flagship resort, Pinnacle Trails Resort. Pinnacle Lifestyle's approach to vacationing and outdoor recreation is to elevate your family's experience way beyond what you are used to experiencing elsewhere. They're focused on delivering, by not only offering a truly incredible list of great amenities, but also by implementing a new, refreshing take on resort resident services. Resort resident services more akin to a luxury hotel will be a great enticement for RVers and cabin enthusiasts looking to join the community and become private RV lot generational lease holders or tiny cabin lot owners.

Services for residents will include a Resort Concierge Service with bill-to-lot options offering services such as firewood delivery to your recreational lot prior to your arrival, cleaning up your campsite's private lot or your cabin's property, delivering various camping essentials and other popular items to your trailer or cabin. For Pinnacle, the sky's the limit and, according to their website , more resorts are being added soon including a BC RV resort park and, coming soon, international resorts as well.


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